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The end of an era: Niagara’s Mike Weir winery up for sale

It appears it’s over for Mike Weir Wine in Niagara. The Beamsville winery that bears the PGA star’s name was listed on MLS through Colliers International Niagara today for $10.9 million.

Here’s he full listing.

It should be noted that the winery is still operating, and a buyer can acquire the brand, subject to further negotiations. So the Weir brand could continue, really up to a buyer if they want to carry on the name, and securing a new deal with Mike Weir for use of his name

It was only in June, 2014, that the newest iteration of Weir Wine emerged in all its glory on the Beamsville Bench with a grand opening with the golf star himself, Canada’s greatest PGA tour player with a Green Jacket to his name,  on hand with his family to officially open his memorabilia gallery at the site.

It was a big month for the Weir group, especially for Barry Katzman, president of Mike Weir Wine in Niagara (who resigned from Weir Wine only last week), and his team, as the long road to becoming an official winery with a stunning hospitality facility overlooking the estate vineyards and Lake Ontario was finally realized.

Up until then, Weir Wines were made first at Creekside Winery and most recently at Chateau des Charmes. The brand was successful across Canada but had no real home in Niagara and no vineyards to source its own grapes.

It was a spectacular facility with sweeping panoramic vistas of Lake Ontario and the newly replanted Weir Family Vineyard from the massive wall-to-wall windows in the open-concept tasting room. A large, sleek wine bar invited guests to sip new releases of Weir’s wines and stations around the tasting room offered guests a choice of wine, Weir hats and shirts and sauces emblazoned with the golfer’s name. There was also a long outdoor patio where guests can enjoy wine while gazing out onto the vineyard.

The crowning jewel was the one-of-a-kind Weir Gallery, which charted the golfer’s success from his early career to becoming the greatest golfer in Canadian history.

All profits from the wine went directly to the Mike Weir Foundation, which had committed $6 million from all its various components, of which Weir Wine plays a vital role.

“I hope we have raised the profile of the Foundation,” said Katzman at the time. “The Weir family is as high integrity as I’ve ever met in my life.”



  1. Can I buy a wine fridge from the winery

  2. Yes, you can. But it will cost you $10.9 million.

  3. Many regrets of this development, starting with the shining philanthropic example set by the Weir foundation.

    All of this on the same week, with the Weir winery president leaving for the commercial pot industry and Coyote Run’s vineyards to be plowed under for a dope greenhouse. We all have been wondering about what the impact would be on the wine industry and yes Rick, perhaps Niagara is going to pot. Sadly.

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