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Big LCBO event puts Ontario wines front and centre (and why privatization makes such good sense)


SHINE [on], Ontario, SHINE [on]. That is the slogan for the upcoming month-long Ontario LCBO wine promotion that includes this year’s largest contingent of Ontario wines released on Saturday at Vintages. Continue reading


A Canada Day wine column (sort of), plus 10 great Canadian wines and a word from FreeMyGrapes


Yeah, yeah, it’s Canada Day (or close enough) and everyone’s talking about Canadian wines and raising a glass of this and raising a glass of that from somewhere, anywhere in this great land. Continue reading

A compelling case for privatizing the wine and beer industry in Ontario (and what we can do to help)


May Two-Four is a special weekend in Ontario. It is when we finally head outdoors to celebrate the glorious beginnings of summer. Continue reading


The Okanagan Crush Pad a prime example of what happens in a progressive wine industry (Ontario take note)


In so many ways, the wine industry in British Columbia has evolved much more rapidly than in here in Ontario. Continue reading


UPDATED: Ontario’s best wines (well, most of them) come under scrutiny at the top provincial wine competition


The past two weekends a panel of 12 judges and several volunteers gathered at Crush Wine Bar to assess over 500 wines from 73 different Ontario wineries. Continue reading