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  1. Your link to the Foreign Affair Winery is wrong – it leads to, an international meet and greet website. The correct url is

  2. Well, that was embarrassing! Fixed now, thanks for the catch.

  3. Think the Malivoire URL ( is not quite what you wanted… it points to a “Monologue of Malivoire” blog site with little to do with Malivoire Wines…. and it’s written entirely in kana script.

    Try “” – that should work.

    Cheers, b

  4. Got it, thanks, Bob

  5. Update required to include the dramatic Two Sisters Vineyards – – which has been open since November 2014. Have you been there yet? Impressive estate reds.

  6. Erratum. I now see that the winery, wines of Two Sisters and its stellar resto 76 have been reviewed on your great blog. cheers

  7. Though it would be best to have the wineries listed by numerical order first followed by alphabetical wineries?


  8. Hi Rick,

    The King’s Court Estate winery URL is not correct. The proper one is

  9. Could you please add The Hare Wine Co. in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

    Thank you!

  10. Sure, but I have no information at all on you. Please provide, with logo, to winesniagara (at) gmail (dot) com

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