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100 Marks Wines launches website, taking pre-orders on new wines

Another virtually winery in Niagara is getting close to releasing its inaugural wines. Continue reading

Hidden Bench’s top Chard and Le Clos Jordanne Chard top Vintages releases Saturday

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The Vintages release at the LCBO on Saturday offers up a chance — your last chance —

to pick up one of Niagara’s most profound Chardonnays. Continue reading

Groux, Hobbs come together at Stratus Vineyards

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We’re walking through the vineyards on a fine spring day in April. There is no urgency in the Stratus vineyards, no flurry of activity, no pruning quite yet. Everything is left just as it was last winter. Continue reading

The 2010 CB Riesling, Reif 2010 reds and Stoney Ridge Excellence wines

reif merlot

Charles Baker wears two very distinct hats in Niagara. First as the marketing and sales director for Stratus Vineyard in Niagara-on-the-Lake and second as proprietor of a small virtual winery called, appropriately, Charles Baker Riesling. Continue reading

Niagara Ridge Road winery and a feast at Burning Kiln


By Michael Lowe

The past few weeks have been busy but I managed to find the time to venture to the edges of Niagara to experience winery locations that are just a little off the beaten path. Continue reading

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