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Alvento’s new 2007 Nebbiolo plus Mike Weir, Pillitteri, Henry of Pelham and Nyarai Niagara wines reviewed

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The last time I saw Bruno Moos, the hard-working co-owner of Alvento Winery in Vineland, was during crush last fall. He was buried in a sea of squished grapes, his hands purple from mucking out the leftovers from the grape crusher.

Moos is not a young man, nor is he a big man, but he loves to get his hands dirty and works as hard at his craft as anyone I know in Niagara. And he does it all — in the vineyards, through crush, into bottle and even in the retail store. Continue reading

New releases from Tawse, Chateau des Charmes and GreenLane reviewed

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New wine releases in Niagara are coming out fast and furiously, all created to capture the hearts and palates of the swarm of visitors who brave the clogged QEW each and every day to pick up their favourite new bottles and spend a little time in wine country.

Wines in Niagara has tasted and reviewed new releases from Tawse, GreenLane and Chateau des Charmes recently. Continue reading

Tasting ‘cool’ Chardonnay in the heat of the Niagara summer. Priceless.


So here’s the deal. There I was, in long-sleeved summer shirt, long pants and dress shoes. I was sweating and hadn’t even had a sip of wine after hiking up the dusty Cherry Avenue, past farmhouses and vineyards to Tawse, the Vineland site of the International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration (or IC4 for you “cool” insiders out there). Continue reading

Mid-vintage grape-wine report from Niagara: Are we headed for another hot harvest?


We’re just mid-way through the 2011 grape vintage in Niagara and already it’s been a wild ride with no significant indication of how it will all turn out.

But it sure looked grim around here by the end of June after record rainfall and a generally rotten spring. But as the calendar turned to July, things heated up and it hasn’t stopped since then with record temperatures and dought-like conditions. Continue reading

A very cool and ‘wild’ Chardonnay and other wines from Rosewood Estate reviewed


Rosewood Estates Winery and Meadery, perfectly situated along that magnificent Mountainview Road stretch of wineries on the Beamsville Bench, is a small-batch, artisanal, family-run operation that has roared onto the Niagara wine scene with a fine and eclectic portfolio of wines and meads.

It only opened in 2006 with a very small production yet earned two gold medals at the Ontario Wine Awards for its Pinot Gris and Merlot in its debut vintage. Continue reading

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