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In the barrel cellars with Flat Rock’s Ed Madronich

Ed Madronich walks around his various barrel cellars, thief in hand, with a lively spring in his step. He deftly draws unfinished wine from this barrel or that one as if they were his children, all with unique and special personalities that will come together, sometime down the road, as one big happy family.

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Vintages Classics features 3 Niagara wines

Three impressive Niagara wines are listed in the May edition of the Vintages Classics Collection that’s reserved for the finest wines from around the world.

Top wines from Reif, Megalomaniac and Flat Rock are all featured in the release.

The First Growth Merlot 2007 from Reif is now for sale at Vintages Classics.

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Spring wine releases from Fielding, Coyote’s Run, Tawse and others

Spring in Niagara means wineries are scrambling to get their wines on the shelves as more and more visitors pour into the region in search of good local wines.

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A delicious seafood bouillabaisse from Vineland Estates.

Lunch with a Niagara legend, the man who planted Rosomel Vineyard

Inside the winery at Vineland Estate on a bright spring day, I am tasting samples of wine with two brilliant winemakers and one legendary pioneer, the man who planted, nurtured and eventually sold the famed Rosomel Vineyard. Continue reading

John Hall, master distiller at Forty Creek.

Forty Creek’s whisky revolution

Note: This article originally was published at Traveling Golfer.

By Rick VanSickle

He enters the tasting room at Kittling Ridge in his trademark suede vest, shirt and jeans. It’s a look not out of place at any old Friday night rodeo. But this is no rodeo. And John Hall is no cowboy.

John Hall, master distiller at Forty Creek.

He’s the owner of Kittling Ridge Estate Winery and Spirits, and one of the hottest whisky distillers on the planet. And he’s putting Canada’s reputation as a quality whisky producer back into the hands of its rightful owners. Continue reading