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A review of the Niagara grape harvest 2011: A wild season of rain, heat and even more rain


Harvest 2011 will go down in the history books as one wild ride.

Spring began with endless rain and the vintage looked like it was heading for disaster. But the rains turned out to be a blessing, providing a reservoir as the summer turned extremely dry and hot. Continue reading

A rare, the only in Canada, and delicious Vignoles from Fielding Estate Winery plus other wine reviews


Vignoles is not exactly a household name in Niagara or anywhere in Canada, for that matter.

But this magical little white hybrid, more closely associated with the Finger Lakes region of New York, has a lot going for it. It does well as a late harvest variety, has high sugar levels while retaining high natural acids, and is susceptible to noble rot (botrytis), that converts easily into a beautiful sweet wine. Continue reading

Gretzky wine brand moving from Creekside to Peller Estates

Note: This is a press release issued by Creekside Winery today on the partnership breakup with Wayne Gretzky Estate wines. Peller Estates will now make the Gretzky wine brand. Continue reading

Niagara Grape Harvest 2011 (Part XV): A lesson in acid, tannin and alcohol from Henry of Pelham


Note: We are following the 2011 grape harvest in Niagara through the writings of several Niagara insiders. This is the sixth post from Melissa Smits, a cellar/winery technician at Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery. This is Part XV of our #Harvest2011 reports. Continue reading

New Niagara releases at Vintages Saturday: Megalomaniac, Cave Spring, Flat Rock, Tawse, 13th Street


A varied selection of Niagara wines is being released at Vintages this Saturday, Oct. 29, including a coupl

e of lovely Rieslings, John Howard’s latest “Big Mouth” Merlot and a bistro red blend from 13th Street called Red Palette. Continue reading

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