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On the eve of harvest in Niagara, some wine recommendations from the long weekend Vintages releases


By the time you read this, grape pickers and mechanical harvesters will be circling the vineyards in Niagara for the first pick of what will be Vintage 2016. Continue reading

Vintages release Saturday: Flat Rock, Tawse, Calamus, plus new wines from Chateau des Charmes, Diamond Estates, Sue-Ann Staff


Saturday’s Vintages release features some fine Ontario juice, mostly from Niagara, with an intriguing selection of Prince Edward County wines we rarely see at the LCBO. Continue reading

The long, hot, dry summer: An early exploration of Vintage 2016 in Niagara


And then the rain came. Hard. And it came again, bathing Niagara wine country in a much-needed soaking. Continue reading

Is it wrong to covet thy neighbour’s vineyard? Not these ones, they are Niagara’s best


Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s vineyard. Repeat after me. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s vineyard. It’s OK to look. It’s perfectly cool to gaze longingly over the fence at all that limestone-enriched dirt and those perfectly manicured rows of grape vines undulating gently in the summer breeze, but no coveting. That’s just wrong. Continue reading

The sheep days of summer: Sparse selection of Niagara wines at Vintages release, plus reviews for new B.C. winery Vanessa Vineyard


The dog days (or sheep days, if you prefer) of this long, hot summer continue with another meager offering of local wines at the Vintages release Saturday at LCBO stores. Continue reading

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