The International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration in review: ‘In one sense we are all Burgundians now,’

photoIt’s been around since the Middle Ages, a long-standing member of the wine aristocracy, and it has held its noble head up high through the centuries despite periods of downright mediocrity. Continue reading

#OldNiagara, Part III: Konzelmann Johannisberg Riesling 1990, a ‘diamond’ in the rough

kmainHerbert Konzelmann is a fourth generation wine-maker and the first in the family to leave Germany in search of the next perfect spot to grow grapes. Continue reading

Updated: Dear, Kathleen Wynne: New report shows you can make more money, give us better choice and better prices on booze if you privatize the LCBO — let’s do this

lcboMaybe now Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne will listen. Maybe, just maybe, this government will pull their heads out of the sand for a minute or two and listen to smart people with even smarter conclusions on why privatization is good for everyone in Ontario. Continue reading

#oldniagara, bottle No. 2: A taste of the historic Marynissen Cabernet Sauvignon Lot 31 (A) 1991, a beauty that has aged with grace and poise

main31It just doesn’t get any more historic than the Marynissen Lot 31 Cabernet Sauvignon. Continue reading