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The last Warren Classic Chardonnay from Niagara’s Stoney Ridge, and it’s pretty damn good


If the 2010 Chardonnay is, in fact, legendary winemaker Jim Warren’s final vintage for the wine that bears his name at Stoney Ridge Estate Winery, then he leaves us with an awfully nice going away present. Continue reading

Smackdown in Grapetown: When food meets beer meets wine


Billed as the Smackdown in Grapetown, a “bottle royale of beer versus wine,” the reputations of both Niagara’s 13th Winery and Toronto’s Mill Street Brewery were on the line, at least for one glorious summer night. Continue reading

Pairing old, cellared wines to gorgeous food; sommeliers offer their secrets


We did not like what we were seeing. The sommelier was heading our way all gloomy-faced. It looked bad. We braced ourselves for the worst. Continue reading

Sparring over vintage variation plus Strewn’s new summer released


I appreciate the enthusiasm of winemakers who view every vintage through rose-coloured glasses. I really do. Continue reading

Angels Gate, Ravine and Southbrook lead Vintages release on Saturday

RAV1005011 Meritage750

Call me silly, but with the heat in Ontario lately, if I was running things at our government liquor monopoly I’d be pulling out all stops to load up the wine shelves with every local Riesling I could find. Continue reading

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