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Lots of Niagara bubbly ready to pop in the Vintages release on Saturday, plus some re-releases


The Dec. 7 Vintages release is chock full of sparkling delights as the LCBO has New Year’s Eve firmly in its sights. Continue reading


Ontario’s 2013 grape harvest is in tank and the early reviews are in; it was a wild one!


The 2013 grape harvest in Ontario, aside from icewine and those really, really late pickers (Stratus comes to mind), is safely in tanks and waiting to be sorted and barreled and whatever else needs to be done to fermented grapes to make great wine. Continue reading


The stars come out with the main Christmas Niagara wine release at Vintages on Nov. 23. Some stellar juice


This is the big one. The main Christmas wine release at Vintages on Nov. 23 is perhaps the greatest gathering of iconic Niagara wines ever assembled at our government monopoly in one fell swoop. Continue reading

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The Fantastic Four: Exciting new Niagara wineries that are setting the bar for excellence


SOMEWHERE IN NIAGARA — I travel these country roads often, past the roadside fruit stands, row after row of vigorous vines swaying in the summer breeze and farmers tending to their corn, potatoes, peaches, grapes and whatever else turns dirt into cash. Continue reading


The definitive guide to Thanksgiving wine pairing (it’s not what you think)


Ahhh, yes! I can smell it now. The turkey and all those fixings slowly filling the house with a cacophony of aromas. I’m getting snoozy just thinking about it. Continue reading