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The impressive transformation of the Lakeview Wine Company in Niagara-on-the-Lake

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By Rick VanSickle

Way back when, the Diamond Estates tasting room was the poor cousin in the Niagara wine family; it was housed in a shack, really, that was not at all that enticing to visiting wine lovers who had far more attractive wineries to explore along the high-rent Niagara Stone Road. Continue reading

Rare (and old) bottles of wine go under the hammer and why you should cellar your top Ontario wines


With the Vintages Finest and Rarest Wines Auction coming up this Friday and Saturday in Toronto it is a good time to discuss why we age our wines and what compels so many to spend so much on dusty old bottles of wine. Continue reading

The reserve wines from Diamond Estates in review

lakeview baco

Diamond Estates has been an ever-evolving entity on the Niagara wine scene but is now starting to put the pieces together in a consolidation that makes it easier to understand the various brands and just how exactly they all fit under one umbrella. Continue reading

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