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Riesling, glorious Riesling, fresh from Harvest 2012 in Niagara


Everywhere you look in Niagara the onslaught of grapes are coming into the winery ready to be sorted, crushed and sent on their way to ferment. Continue reading

Prince Edward County, Part III: A visit to Lighthall, Grange and Harwood, plus new Karlo, Casa-Dea wines reviewed

light pinot

PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY — You learn, after a few trips of trying, that it’s just not possible to visit more than three or four Prince Edward County wineries in a day — no matter how far you’ve come or how hard you try. Continue reading

The hidden gems (including a killer Tete de Cuvee Chardonnay) from Beamsville’s Hidden Bench Vineyards and Winery


Terroir (I’ve already scared off a lot of you just by uttering that word, haven’t I?) is a wine term that’s overused, abused, mocked and denounced from here to Tasmania.

It has literally lost its meaning with a great many people and, as result, has been knocked down a few pegs to cliché status.

What does it even mean? Continue reading

On the wine bottling line at Hidden Bench

Growing the grapes, deciding when to pick them and how to make them is only part of the thrill in the winemaking process. Once you have all the juice, you’ve got to put it somewhere. That’s where the bottling line comes in. I was invited by Hidden Bench assistant winemaker Jay Johnston to come on out to the winery for bottling day. Hidden Bench uses a mobile bottling line called Hunter Bottling out of Fenwick, Ont., one of two mobile units operating in Niagara. Here’s a slideshow of all the fun.

Untitled from Rick VanSickle on Vimeo.

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