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Ferox roars on to the Niagara wine scene with small, but growing, portfolio: “This is my dream”

Niagara wine

By Rick VanSickle
As the grandson of a Niagara wine legend, Fabian Reis has some big winemaker boots to fill, but he’s up to the challenge with his new Ferox wines. Continue reading

#OldNiagara, Part III: Konzelmann Johannisberg Riesling 1990, a ‘diamond’ in the rough

kmainHerbert Konzelmann is a fourth generation wine-maker and the first in the family to leave Germany in search of the next perfect spot to grow grapes. Continue reading

The Charles Inn offers a classy dining experience even on the patio or in the lounge


By Mike Lowe

Conversation with friends about dining in Niagara-on-the-Lake often conjures up comments like, “It’s too expensive,” or, “It’s too busy and parking is difficult.” Continue reading

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