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Two B.C. wineries with a Niagara connection: Mission Hill, Township 7 wines in review

Mission Hill wine

By Rick VanSickle

The competition for winemakers between the Okanagan Valley and Niagara has always been fierce with a constant exchange of talent between Canada’s main wine regions. Continue reading

The Most Thrilling Niagara Wines for 2016, plus the Red and White Wine of the Year

Best Ontario wines

By Rick VanSickle

We have tasted an ocean of wines here at Wines In Niagara this year, the vast majority from the Niagara region. After poring over hundreds of reviews, we offer the Top 10 Most Thrilling Niagara Red and White Wines of 2016. Continue reading

Cuvée 2016 – a big weekend of celebration and good taste


By Michael Lowe/Story and photos

The Grand Tasting at Cuvée 2016 last Friday night kicked off a weekend-long series of wine tasting events  known as Cuvée en Route. Here’s my quick run-down on what makes it such a special event. Continue reading

Winners and losers with grocery store wine and cider hitting the shelves in Ontario


Updated: Sometime this fall, as grapes in Ontario vineyards reach their plump and ripe potential, a brave new world begins in this province with the first bottles of wine hitting shelves at select grocery stores. Continue reading

Harvest all around, big local wine release at Vintages next Saturday, and a whack of reviews


Harvest is in full swing in Ontario as growers, winemakers and vineyard workers are busy bringing in the bounty from the 2015 vintage. Continue reading

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