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The Most Thrilling Niagara Wines for 2016, plus the Red and White Wine of the Year

Best Ontario wines

By Rick VanSickle

We have tasted an ocean of wines here at Wines In Niagara this year, the vast majority from the Niagara region. After poring over hundreds of reviews, we offer the Top 10 Most Thrilling Niagara Red and White Wines of 2016. Continue reading

It’s a question as old as time: Is bigger better (we’re talking wine, of course, Ontario wine)? We have answers


Big. It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some swear by it, others loathe it. So, it begs that age-old question: Is bigger really better? Continue reading

The Fantastic Four: Exciting new Niagara wineries that are setting the bar for excellence


SOMEWHERE IN NIAGARA — I travel these country roads often, past the roadside fruit stands, row after row of vigorous vines swaying in the summer breeze and farmers tending to their corn, potatoes, peaches, grapes and whatever else turns dirt into cash. Continue reading

Rennie Vineyards, Vineland Research team up to perfect appassimento wines (plus various reviews)


For Graham Rennie, a Beamsville Bench grape grower and now winemaker, the key to combating the wildly fluctuating seasons in Niagara is to utilize an old trick traditionally used for the production of Amarone, a richly flavoured Italian wine. Continue reading

Niagara’s Rennie Estate Winery, comes out of the gate with a strong, interesting portfolio of wines


It’s a bucolic setting with stunning views looking down and across Lake Ontario to the Toronto skyline on a brilliant, clear day in May. Continue reading

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