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Top Niagara Pinot Noirs and a couple of wow Chards lead the charge at Vintages release Saturday


Le Clos Jordanne winemaker Sebastien Jacquey was effusive in his praise of the 2009 vintage for Niagara Pinot Noirs when I tasted the wines with him over a year ago. Continue reading

Ontario Wine Council pushes for private wine stores, a plan that just might work


It’s a plan that has the potential to bring about the most important change in Ont

ario wine buying since Prohibition was repealed in this province in on Oct. 23, 1924. Continue reading

Adjusting to the vintage, the Le Clos Jordanne 2010 Pinot and Chards


The vintage in 2010 was hot, dry and stressful for the vines. If you were planning on making big, rich Cab-Merlots and other Bordeaux blends and voluptuous white wines this was the vintage for you. Continue reading

Digging into the rich red wines from Fielding Estate’s 2010 vintage (plus something brand new)


We’re in the barrel room of Fielding Estate Winery where all the fun takes place. Winemaker Richie Roberts is pulling samples of his sleeping beauties with a giant-sized thief. Continue reading

Generation Seven joins the ‘nouveau’ wine celebration with release of 2012 Gamay


It just seems like yesterday that Niagara wineries were hauling in the 2012 grape harvest, so what is this now? The first wine of the vintage has arrived just in time to be released Thursday. Continue reading

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