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Reviews by Rick


A peek inside the new Weir Wine facility in Niagara, plus new wines from Angels Gate


It’s funny who you just might run into on the Beamsville Bench on any given day. Continue reading


Best from Vintages release, plus new Nyarai, Reif and Lakeview wine reviews


The summer wine releases keep on coming at Vintages. The release Saturday features three wonderful whites that all fit nicely beside the pool, on the front porch or dockside at the cottage. Continue reading


Niagara provides the wow factor in new 2010 Bachelder Chardonnays


It’s a blistering hot day in Niagara and a taste of Chardonnay sounds pretty good right about now, even if it is 10:30 in the morning. Continue reading


A Pinot Noir from Mike Weir leads Vintages releases


A diverse selection of Niagara wines are being released by Vintages on Saturday led by a Pinot Noir from golfer Mike Weir’s wine label. Continue reading