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The houses that Moray built: Tasting the Niagara wines from Tawse and Redstone

Niagara wine

By Rick VanSickle

The two Niagara wineries that Moray Tawse built just continue to rack up the awards and accolades with each passing vintage. Continue reading

A peek inside the upcoming wines from Niagara’s Tawse and sister winery Redstone

Tawse Estate Winery is one of the last in Niagara to release its Chardonnays from the 2012 vintage and, once again, winemaker Paul Pender has managed to showcase some stunning wines. Also in this report, we explore new wines from both Tawse and sister winery Redstone.

Continue reading

Natural wines — despite your definition — taking off across Canada

Southbrook orange

Nothing added, nothing taken away. That may be the mantra that drives purists in the ” Vin Nature” movement, but for those dabbling in this brave (or as some would say, silly) new world of natural winemaking there is a whole lot of gray area in that statement. Continue reading

Behold, the wonders of the new Redstone Winery in Beamsville

paul sip

Pardon me if my eyes wander while I taste through the entire portfolio of Redstone wines with Paul Pender, pictured above. But the interior view at the new Beamsville winery is so damn beautiful it’s impossible to focus on anything else. Continue reading

Tawse winemaker Paul Pender goes “natural” with Quarry Road Chardonnay

paul pender

I take you back to October, 2011, when I sought out Tawse winemaker Paul Pender, photo above, to get his thoughts on the new wave of so-called “natural” wines that were beginning to hit store shelves everywhere in the world (except Ontario, of course, where anything new is swatted away like a pesky insect by the government monopoly). Continue reading

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