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Five burning questions for the three Speck Brothers on the 30th anniversary of Niagara’s Henry of Pelham

Niagara winery

By Rick VanSickle

The 30th anniversary photograph suggested for Niagara’s three Speck Brothers — Paul, Matthew and Daniel — was for the trio to strike a philosopher-style pose against the backdrop of their Niagara winery, Henry of Pelham. Continue reading

Buhler returns to Niagara to take the reins as winemaker at Henry of Pelham

Niagara winemaker

By Rick VanSickle
Winemaker Lawrence Buhler has a lot of notches in belt, but his latest stop at Henry of Pelham in Niagara just might be his biggest achievement. Continue reading

The greatest bottle of wine EVER in their own words: Lydia Tomek, Mike Weir, Sandra Oldfield, Donald Ziraldo, Allison Slute, Angela Aiello, Thomas Bachelder, Paul Speck, Brad Royale, Terry David Mulligan

kangaroo island 2I would wager a bet that the most memorable bottle of wine you ever enjoyed wasn’t so much about the wine as it was about where you drank it. Continue reading

Henry of Pelham releases first vintage dated sparkling wine, the Cuvee Catharine Carte Blanche 2007


It was well over a year ago that a few of us gathered at Canoe

in downtown Toronto to try an array of sparkling wines from Ontario, Nova Scotia and B.C. Continue reading

Let the icewine harvest begin! Henry of Pelham brings in the sweet stuff

bowl of fruit

The first icewine grapes of the 2011 season, at least that I am aware of, were picked Thursday morning when temperatures dropped below -8 in the vineyards of Henry Pelham. Continue reading

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