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On Cloudsley Nine: Niagara Pinot Noir project crafting sublime wines on Twenty Mile Bench (plus Vintages picks)

Niagara Pinot Noir

By Rick VanSickle

Pinot Noir can be a powerful paramour; once it has you under its amorous spell it can turn mere mortals into slobbering wrecks with just one taste from the right bottle. Continue reading

Canadian PGA Tour star David Hearn teams up with Rockway Vineyards in Niagara


Move over Mike Weir, there’s a new kid in town! Fellow Canadian PGA golf star David Hearn has announced he is teaming up Niagara’s Rockway Vineyards to create the David Hearn Foundation specialty wine collection to support the Alzheimer Society of Canada — with a portion of the proceeds going back to the foundation. Continue reading

Driving for success at Rockway Vineyards in Niagara: Some vineyards being sold, portfolio trimmed to concentrate on what does best on Twenty Mile Bench

dogI had no idea that Niagara’s Rockway Vineyards has such a colourful history. Continue reading

Featherstone Estate Winery: Farm wines made with authenticity on the Twenty Mile Bench


There is the glitz and glamour of some of the larger wineries in Niagara, with big showy tasting rooms and grand facades that welcome a steady stream of visitors. Continue reading

In the barrel cellars with Flat Rock’s Ed Madronich

Ed Madronich walks around his various barrel cellars, thief in hand, with a lively spring in his step. He deftly draws unfinished wine from this barrel or that one as if they were his children, all with unique and special personalities that will come together, sometime down the road, as one big happy family.

Continue reading

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