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Ontario’s newest wine region, South Coast Wines, in pictures

burning kiln sign

Ontario’s newest wine region in the Simcoe-Port Dover area is small in comparison to, say, Niagara, but it’s working hard to provide a destination experience for wine lovers. There are only nine wineries that have emerged from out of the dying tobacco growing industry in Norfolk County but they have formed the South Coast Wine association in the hopes of becoming their own appellation.I visited the region recently with winemaker Andre Lipinski from Burning Kiln Winery to get a feel for what’s going there. Here some photos from the area.

burning kiln winery
The winery at Burning Kiln.
BK interior
Tasting bar at Burning Kiln.
BK Lipinski
Andre Lipinski in the barrel room at Burning Kiln.
BK bistro
Bistro seating in the winery at Burning Kiln.

BK rose

BK Chard

BK pinot

BK vineyards
Vineyards at Burning Kiln.
BK vineyards 2
Andre Lipinski overlooking the Burning Kiln vineyards.
BK grapes
Grapes at Burning Kiln.

BK distance

BK tractor

BK sliders
Burger sliders at Burning Kiln.
BK pork
Pork tenderloin at Burning Kiln.

BK food

BK barn
The original roof of the pack shed at Burning Kiln.
BK kiln
One of the drying kilns at Burning Kiln.
florence winery
Florence winery exterior shot.
Florence winery own Margaret Marshall.
villa nova winery
Villa Nova.

villa nova

palm trees
Palm trees on the beach in Port Dover.
The zipline at the eco-park near Burning Kiln.
view at zipline
The view at the eco-park near Burning Kiln.