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To our advertisers, readers and contributors … we wish you a very Merry Christmas

Wines In Niagara wishes everyone a safe and merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays, however you celebrate and wherever you are.

We know it will be different this year and we sincerely hope you all find solace and comfort from those closest to you.

To our advertisers, who have generously supported Wines In Niagara in the past year, we thank you kindly and wish you all a peaceful, healthy and prosperous New Year. It’s particularly gratifying to see local advertisers support Wines In Niagara in a world seemingly driven by those ubiquitous and annoying Facebook and Google ads that benefit no one locally. We believe in supporting local businesses for everything we do on this website — local web hosting and support and only accepting advertising from real people, not faceless mega-global companies that return nothing to this (or any) community. Without your support this website would not exist; with your support you are helping local journalism thrive.

Also, to the many contributors who have written with passion, commented with conviction, and painted a picture of Niagara Wine Country (and beyond) with compelling stories about wine, cider, beer, spirits and food, we are grateful for what you bring to this website and wish you all the best this holiday season. Wines In Niagara would not be what it is without you. And, finally, to the many winemakers, winery owners, growers, breweries, cideries, distillers, sources, tipsters, restaurants and industry associations, this website is not possible without you. We toast each and every one of you.

On Saturday, Dec. 26, we will reveal our Most Thrilling Niagara Wines of 2020, including our Most Thrilling Red and White wines as well as the Top 10s for both. So, please come back Saturday and have a read. Our picks for top Niagara spirits of the year, chosen by writer Stephen Beaumont, will be published next week along with a big list of some of the best sparkling wines from Canada to help you usher in the New Year.

— Rick and Maureen VanSickle,
publishers of Wines In Niagara