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Niagara’s Ravine Vineyard Restaurant — bringing the farm to your fork


By Mike Lowe

I remember touring the Ravine Vineyard Winery about eight years ago while it was still under construction, when much of what it has come to stand for today was still a vision. Continue reading

Ontario wine news: Sustainable winemaking on the rise; possible IPO for Constellation Brands’ Canadian brands; chair of Grape Growers stepping down


A roundup of recent news for the Ontario wine industry includes a record number of wineries participating in a sustainable farming program, grape growers’ chair Bill George not seeking re-election and Constellation Brands seeking IPO for Canadian wineries. Continue reading

Kicking craft cider and beer up a notch: Pelham Ciderworks and Shawn & Ed Brewing debuted this weekend


For lovers of great Ontario craft cider and beer, it was quite a weekend. First the Shawn & Ed Brewing Company welcomed its first visitors to a restored historic curling club in Dundas over a three-day grand opening, then the first cask from a new Niagara craft cider venture was tapped at a little pub and restaurant in Fonthill on Saturday night. Continue reading

Take a walk on the wild side: Movement to a more natural style of winemaking gaining steam


Oh, baby, baby, it’s a wild world
It’s hard to get by just upon a smile

                                               — Cat Stevens

 Oh, it’s wild, all right. And for a growing number of Canadian winemakers, wild is the new cash cow as they venture farther and farther beyond the tried and true methods of making wine to create something that is, well, beautifully and wondrously weird. Continue reading

2027 Cellars adds to an already potent lineup of single-vineyard Niagara wines


It’s been nearly two years since 2027 Cellars owner and winemaker Kevin Panagapka, in photo above, left the “virtual” world of crafting single-vineyard Niagara wines and acquired his own manufacturing licence. Continue reading

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