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Some Ontario wineries are dreaming of an ‘orange’ Christmas: VQA close to opening door to new wine category

Ontario Orange wine


Ontario’s Vintner Quality Alliance (VQA) is about to boldly go where few others have gone before and approve regulations governing the production and certification for skin-fermented white Ontario wines, more commonly referred to as “orange” wines. Continue reading

Freaks and geeks: Niagara’s Leaning Post winery takes a walk on the wild side of wine

Best Ontario wine

By Rick VanSickle

Leaning Post winemaker/owner Ilya Senchuk (above in the barrel cellar) is not your prototypical wine baron in Niagara. He and his wife Nadia have carved out their niche from years of hard work and pouring their hard-earned cash (with help from friends and family) into a business that is still ramping up, still growing, and best of all, still exploring. Continue reading

Frontier BBQ & Smokehouse — BBQ until you drop in Niagara Falls

Best food Niagara Falls

By Michael Lowe

I usually avoid all-you-can-eat restaurants. Jostling with crowds trying to fill their plates with sub-standard fare is the main reason I steer clear. But Frontier BBQ & Smokehouse in Niagara Falls is one exception that makes me glad I broke my own rule. Continue reading

Vintages wine release: A gorgeous Rielsing from Vineland Estates leads the parade Dec. 10; plus Sonoma, B.C.’s Fort Berens and Italian gems

Best Ontario Riesling

Whenever a wine lover asks me for a pure and definitive example of Niagara Riesling, I invariably point in the direction of the St. Urban Vineyard. Continue reading

Delicious Vermont: Raising the bar, and spirits, for all things tasty in the Green Mountain State


BARNARD, Vt. — It is the strangest of sights. Arriving at the newly erected Fable Farm Fermentory here in Barnard, a strapping young man approaches our small group and we exchange the usual pleasantries. He’s dressed in lumberjack chic with a classic newsboy cap and long trousers rolled up a notch or two. We are standing on the driveway that’s covered with fresh, sharp-edged stones hot from the sun. The man with the cool hat has no shoes on. HE IS BAREFOOT, and his feet look like he they have not had the benefit of shoes for a very long time. And I’m not even kidding. Continue reading

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