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It’s definitely time to think pink: 7 Rosés from Ontario to B.C. to get your spring started


I knew Rosé-style wines had crossed that thin line between niche and mainstream a few years ago when I brought a few of bottles to my annual “boys golf weekend” in Collingwood. Continue reading

A red blend from Fielding Estate and CSV Riesling from Cave Spring lead Vintages release of Niagara wines Saturday


A little bit of everything in terms of Niagara wines is being offered at the Vintages release this Saturday. Continue reading

To all the P.J.’s out there: Love Canadian wines or hate them, I just don’t give a shit anymore


I long ago stopped trying to convince those who don’t/won’t drink Ontario or Canadian wine that they are missing the boat on some great wines made in their own backyard. Continue reading

Things are getting a little ‘wild’ at Thirty Bench on the Beamsville Bench


Thirty Bench winemaker Emma Garner is a perfectionist, and if things aren’t perfect, or at least heading in that direction, she changes gears and re-invents what has has already been traditionally established. Continue reading

The Rogue Rangers: Would be Canadian winemakers crafting wines off the grid


Every so often, when time and distance permit, they come together for a board meeting and a few beers in a tiny, crowded Grimsby garage, to discuss the business at hand: Fermentation, pH, oak, battonage and the finer points of crafting a home-made wine that they can collectively call their own. Continue reading

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