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CanadaWINE150: 150 photos that celebrate Canadian wine (Happy Canada Day, people!)

Canadian wine

It’s not every day you turn 150, so to celebrate at Wines In Niagara we asked a cross-section of people in the wine industry to give us their thoughts on what the next 150 years looks like for Canadian wine.

Over the past few months, winemakers, winery owners, those who sell and market wine, those who write about wine and those who simply drink wine, offered a range of opinions as diverse as our great nation.  You can read the entire series we called #CanadaWINE150 here.

One theme emerged from the columns. There is great passion for Canadian wines made from 100% Canadian grown and farmed grapes. We love our Canadian-made wine and are inspired by how far we have come in a short amount of time. Canada’s modern wine industry is only 30 or 40 years old but already competes favourably on the world stage with regions who have been at it for hundreds of years.

A thank-you goes out to all the authors who provided words and photos for our series. We know you are all very busy, and writing, for many of you, is outside your comfort zone. Each and every story you provided was heart-felt and written with passion about an industry in which you all play a big part.

In this final post on #CanadaWINE150, we leave you with 150 photos from the pages of Wines In Niagara. It is about the winemakers, the food, the cider, the beer, the pioneers, the chefs, the marketers, the grape pickers, the farm workers and those who enjoy it that makes a wine industry successful. We hope these photos show you that, a compendium of photos culled from seven years of posts on this website.

It should be noted that not all these photos are taken by Wines In Niagara, many are handouts or provided by wineries or news agencies.

Happy 150th Birthday, Canada. You’re pretty special.

Canada wine

Dan Sullivan

Norman Hardie

Allan Jackson and

Fielding Winemaker Richie Roberts.

Brian Schmidt of Vineland Estate

Paul Pender, winemaker at Tawse

Michele Bosc at Chateau des Charmes. Photo courtesy of St. Catharines Standard

Sign from TasteCamp in Finger Lakes

Sebastien Jacquey, winemaker at Le Clos Jordanne.

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