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And to all a Merry Christmas, from Wines in Niagara

By Wines in Niagara

Wines in Niagara wishes all its readers and advertisers a Merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays, however you celebrate and wherever you are.

It’s a Christmas where wineries in Ontario finally had some good news in the form of sweeping changes coming from the Ontario government that will see a more open retail environment for selling local VQA wines. That, plus the axing of the unfair 6.1% tax on all VQA wines sold at wineries, was welcome news for stake holders in the wine industry. There is still work to be done, but for now, Wines in Niagara truly hopes you find peace and joy in the season surrounded by family and friends.

To our advertisers, who continue to support and have supported Wines in Niagara, we thank you kindly and wish you all a peaceful and healthy Christmas and holidays. We believe in supporting local businesses for everything we do on this website — local web hosting, local wines, and local businesses. We only accept advertising from real people, not mega-global companies that return nothing to this (or any) community. Without your support this website would not exist; with your support you are helping independent journalism thrive.

A special shoutout to food and wine writer Mike Lowe, who has been a valuable contributor to this website since its inception. Wines In Niagara would not be what it is without you. Also, to the many winemakers, winery owners, grape growers, sources, tipsters, and industry associations; this website is not possible without your support. We toast every one of you. And lastly, to the readers who take the time to visit this website when there are so many choices vying for your attention, we thank you and wish you the best of the season.

On Tuesday (Dec. 26), we will reveal our 15th edition of the Most Thrilling Niagara Wines of 2023, including our Most Thrilling Red and White Wines of the year, as well as the Top 10 wines for both categories. So, please come back on Tuesday and have a read.

— Rick and Maureen VanSickle,
publishers of Wines in Niagara