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Talking turkey and wine (it’s not at all what you think)


Please, please, not another turkey and wine column. For the love of God, stop! Continue reading

Welcome back, 2027 Cellars, it’s been a while; and other highlights from Vintages release Saturday


The Oct. 3 Vintages release sees the return of Niagara’s 2027 Cellars to the shelves at the LCBO. This is a good thing Continue reading

UPDATED! The utter failure of Ontario booze czar Ed Clark, plus news for PondView, Rennie Estates and 2015 Grape King


Is anyone else surprised by the monumental failure of Ontario’s attempt at modernizing booze retail in this province?
Continue reading

LCBO throws in the towel on rare, fine wine auctions; turns them over to private section

hammerauction one

Quietly last week, Ontario’s booze monopoly finally threw in the towel over its glitzy rare and fine wine auctions and awarded the contract to an independent auction house — another case of letting private industry do a job that the LCBO couldn’t handle. Continue reading

The wines of Pearl Morissette: Dig ‘em or don’t, he doesn’t make them for everyone


It’s not comfortable writing about Pearl Morissette. Not comfortable at all. Of all the wineries in Niagara, heck, Ontario and maybe even Canada, Jordan’s Pearl Morissette is a such a polarizing subject that it would be much easier to just let them do what they do forever in obscurity. But, of course, that would be wrong. Continue reading

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