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Ramp up to Cuvée 2016 in Niagara wine country begins


By Michael Lowe

The Grand Tasting at Cuvée 2015 was a big hit with some of the best wines and plates on show from the best winemakers and chefs. From the look of this year’s lineup on Friday March 4 at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls we should see more of the same. Continue reading

Winners and losers with grocery store wine and cider hitting the shelves in Ontario


Updated: Sometime this fall, as grapes in Ontario vineyards reach their plump and ripe potential, a brave new world begins in this province with the first bottles of wine hitting shelves at select grocery stores. Continue reading


Prince Edward County’s Rosehall Run winery is getting all gussied up for its 10th anniversary of the opening of their tasting room and 15th anniversary of the planting of their vineyards with the release of their first sparkling wines. Continue reading

Wine company Colio purchases Thornbury Cidery in Ontario

Thornbury_WebSlider3cWine producer Colio Estate has jumped head-first into the growing Ontario craft cider industry with the purchase of Thornbury Cidery. Continue reading

At long last, good news for Ontario craft cider producers: Coming to a grocery store near you soon

DSC_03891124 copy

Ontario craft ciders are about to enjoy their moment in the sun as part of the province’s upcoming announcement to allow wine sales in grocery stores as early as this fall. Continue reading

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