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To all the P.J.’s out there: Love Canadian wines or hate them, I just don’t give a shit anymore


I long ago stopped trying to convince those who don’t/won’t drink Ontario or Canadian wine that they are missing the boat on some great wines made in their own backyard. Continue reading

Things are getting a little ‘wild’ at Thirty Bench on the Beamsville Bench


Thirty Bench winemaker Emma Garner is a perfectionist, and if things aren’t perfect, or at least heading in that direction, she changes gears and re-invents what has has already been traditionally established. Continue reading

The Rogue Rangers: Would be Canadian winemakers crafting wines off the grid


Every so often, when time and distance permit, they come together for a board meeting and a few beers in a tiny, crowded Grimsby garage, to discuss the business at hand: Fermentation, pH, oak, battonage and the finer points of crafting a home-made wine that they can collectively call their own. Continue reading

Okanagan’s Golden Mile Bench Geographical Indication (GI) is a first In British Columbia


After submitting a proposal in May 2014 to the B.C. Wine Authority, a group of wine producers has finally received approval from the Ministry of Agriculture on B.C.’s first sub-GI: Golden Mile Bench, according to a news release submitted to Wines In Niagara. Continue reading

Pearl Morissette’s Black Ball Riesling 2013 passes muster with VQA, hits Vintages shelves on Saturday


The mere name “Black Ball” is borne out of failure, failure time and time again, that even with success the name has stuck. Continue reading

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